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Trusted AI Challenge Series: Self-Aware Learning Systems Event 1: Building the Vision

October 14 @ 12:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Innovare Advancement Center

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Hosted by Innovare Advancement Center, this webinar is the first event of a three-part series designed to cultivate, define and fund creative solutions to a set of challenge problems in trustworthy AI with a particular focus on dynamic, autonomous systems that learn and adapt behaviors.

With a set of thought-provoking talks and an interactive panel covering industry, research, and government perspectives, this first event will provide insights into the critical path requirements for building reliable, robust AI and autonomous systems that can be widely adopted.

Would you like to understand some of the most formidable technical challenges in future autonomous systems? Would you like to sponsor some of the brightest minds in AI to work on problems of interest to you? Would you like to learn more about AI in real systems?

This event is designed for academic and government researchers, university students, and small businesses.

Event 2: Grounding The Critical Path

Early Spring 2021
This event will culminate in the release of scientific and technical challenge problems to academic, small business, and international R&D communities.

Event 3: Accelerating Progress

Late Spring 2021

This event will feature a pitch day that allows teams to self organize and propose a short term, high-velocity sprint to explore various aspects of these challenges. Select teams will be funded to execute their proposals.