A pilot investigation into the nature and extent of Medication Adherence Support Activities (MASA) in Boston-area Pharmacies
Nathaniel Rickles (Pharm Prac), Carey Noland (Com Studies), Judith Hall (Psych), Gary Young (CBA/Health Sci)

Biometric Capture and Analysis of Emotional Response in User Centric Interaction Systems
William Russell Pensyl (Art), Magy Seif El-Nasr (Art/CIS)

Development of an Algal Mat System for PCB Remediation in Aquatic Sediments
Thomas C. Sheahan (CEE), Donald P. Cheney (E&ES)

Early Caribbean Digital Archive
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (Eng), Nicole Aljoe (Eng), David Lazer Pol Sci/CIS), Isabel Meirelles (Art)

Engineering Oil Production from Microalgae as a Renewable & Sustainable Supply of Biofuels
Carolyn Lee-Parsons (CE/Chem), James Glick (Chem), Marina Hincapie (Chem)

Establishment of a target repurposing screening set
Michael Pollastri (Chem), Alexandros Makriyannis (Pharm Sci/Chem)

Exploiting the Potent Antimicrobial Secretions of Termites for Therapeutic Use in Controlling Human Gastrointestinal Infections
Rebeca B. Rosengaus (Bio), Veronica Godoy Carter (Bio), Erin Cram (Bio), Marina Hincapie (Chem)

Exploring an Innovative “City-metabolism” Approach for Evaluating Urban Water Sustainability
April Z. Gu (CEE), Matthew Eckelman (CEE), Lee Breckenridge (Law), Martha Davis (Law), Annalisa Onnis-Hayden(CEE)

Exploring the Use of Innovative technologies in behavioral health
Alisa Lincoln (Soc/Health Sci/IUHR), Luis Falcon (Soc), Nancy Kim (Psych), Hortensia Amaro (IUHR), Gia Barboza (AAS), Christina Lee (IUHR), Stephen Intille (CIS/Health Sci), Matthew Goodwin (Health Sci/CIS), Debra Franko (CAEP), Kathleen Bungay (Pharm Prac)

Glucose-Sensitive Nanosensor “Tattoos”
Heather Clark (Pharm Sci), Alexandros Makriyannis (Pharm Sci/Chem)

Healthcare Collaboration: How healthcare professionals collaborate to deliver patient-centered care in an information-intensive environment
Yang Lee (CBA), Felicia Lassk (CBA), Carole Kenner (Nurs)

Massively parallel single molecule DNA bioanalytics using nanopores in monolayer graphene membranes
Meni Wanunu (Phys), Swastik Kar (Phys,) Moneesh Upmanyu (MIE)

Mathematical Tools for Structural Genomics and Protein Function Prediction
Gene Cooperman (CIS), Mary Jo Ondrechen (Chem), Alexandru Suciu (Math), Jerzy Weyman (Math)

Mobile Technology for Obesity Prevention in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Young Adults
Debra Franko (CAEP), Rachel Rodgers (CAEP), Mariya Shiyko (CAEP), Stephen Intille (CIS/Health Sci)

Modulation of Structure and Flexibility in Allosteric Regulation of Kinase Function
John Engen (Chem), Lee Makowski (ECE/Chem)

Nano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
Edgar D. Goluch (CE), Slava S. Epstein (Bio), Max Diem (Chem), April Gu (CEE)

Nanopore Patch Clamping Platform for Probing Ion-Sensitive Nanosensor Dynamics in Cardiomyocytes
Meni Wanunu (Phys), Heather Clark (Pharm Sci)

Neglected Tropical Diseases in Kenya: a program of Study into the causes, diagnosis and control of Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis and Echinococcosis
Richard Wamai (AAS), Michael Pollastri (Chem), Javier Gordon Ogembo (CPS)

Novel Graphene-Gel Composite for Improved Water Treatment Filters
Philip Larese-Casanova (CEE), Edgar D. Goluch (CE), Swastik Kar (Phys), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chem)

Physical & Functional Limitations for US, Puerto Rican, and African American Cancer Survivors
Ann Marie Flores (PT), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sci), Katherine Tucker (Health Sci)

Regulatory policy for adaptation and mitigation of extreme weather extremes in the climate change context
Sonia E. Rolland (Law), Auroop Ganguly (CEE)

Research Frontiers in Healthcare Mass Customization for Personalization of Diagnosis, Care and Cure
Sagar Kamarthi (MIE), Abe Zeid (MIE), Tucker Marion (CBA)

Toward an integrative mechano-chemical model of a contractile tissue
Erin Cram (Bio), Anand Asthagiri (CE)

Towards Secure Smartphones for Authorizing Financial Transactions
Kaushik Chowdhury (ECE), Engin Kirda (ECE/CIS)

Using Social Media and Social Games to get people to eat Healthy and Adopt Exercise
Magy Seif El-Nasr (Art/CIS), Mariya Shiyko (CAEP), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sci)

Visualizing Physiological Arousal in Real-Time to Enhance Communication, Self-Regulation, and Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Matthew Goodwin (Health Sci/CIS), Deniz Erdogmus (ECE)

Visual impairment and rehabilitation: Personality characteristics associated with outcome success following low vision rehabilitation
C. Randall Colvin (Psych), Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi (SLPA), Rhea Eskew (Psych)