Adaptive management of coastal ecosystems under climate change: A novel framework based on mathematical, computational, and network sciences
Tarik Gouhier (Marine and Environmental Science), Auroop Ganguly (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Cyber-Physics Sensors for Affective Science Research
Srinivas Sridhar (Physics), Lisa Barrett (Psychology)

Exploring the Link between Bacterial DNA Damage Response and Biofilm Disassembly
Yunrong Chai (Biology), Veronica Godoy-Carter (Biology), Edgar Goluch (Chemical Engineering)

Investigating Trust and Nonverbal Behavior through Virtual Worlds
Magy Seif El-Nasr (Game Design/Computer and Information Science), Derek Isaacowitz (Psychology), David DeSteno (Psychology), Matthew Gray (Theater)

The phonological grammar in dyslexia: functional and neural evaluation
Iris Berent (Psychology), Chieh Li (Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology)

An insect model for understanding the genetic basis of transgenerational immunity
Wendy Smith (Biology), Rebeca Rosengaus (Marine and Environmental Science), Steve Vollmer (Marine and Environmental Science), Michail Sitkovsky (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Biology)

Mining Academic Databases for the Study of Faculty International Networks
Kathrin Zippel (Sociology/Anthropology), Rich DeJordy (Management and Organizational Development)

Using MALDI mass spectrometry imaging to map spinal cord regeneration in a regeneration-competent vertebrate model system
Gunter Zupanc (Biology), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Plasmonic  Metamaterials: A Sustainable, Bottom-up Approach
Ke Zhang (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Nanotechnology for the nervous system: Developing injectable materials for nervous system tissue engineering applications
Thomas Webster (Chemical Engineering), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Mapping Opportunities for Coastal Urban Production of Food and Fuel: What Do We Know and Where Can We Grow?
Matthew Eckelman (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Matthias Ruth (Public Policy/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Jane Amidon (Architecture)

Nanosensors for monitoring biophysical signaling during tissue regeneration
James Monaghan (Biology), Heather Clark (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Finding Underlying Manifolds of Large-Scale Complex Biosignal Dynamics
Raymond Fu (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Yizhou Sun (Computer and Information Science), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dana Brooks (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Graphene Photonics for Terahertz Radiation
Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics)

Educational Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Data-Driven Insights from Students’ Performance and Activity in Online Classes
Alessandro Canossa (Game Design), Anders Drachen (Game Design), Magy Seif El-Nasr (Game Design/Computer and Information Science)

Development of an Adaptive Clinician-Friendly Virtual Rehabilitation System and its Evaluation in Post-Operative Shoulder Therapy
Dagmar Sternad (Biology/Electrical and Computer Engineering), Miriam Leeser (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Amee L. Seitz (Physical Therapy)

Brain-Computer Interface for Signaling Changes in Psychological States
Lisa Barrett (Psychology), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dana Brooks (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jennifer Dy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Stephen Intille (Computer and Information Science/Health Sciences)

Towards a Development of a Protocol for Communication Planning
Alan Zaremba (Communication Studies), Fred Wiseman (Supply Chain Information Management Group)

Infectious Texts: Uncovering Reprinting Networks in 19th Century Newspapers
Ryan Cordell (English), David Smith (Computer and Information Science), Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English)

Designing Community-Driven Technologies for Physical Activity Promotion in Families
Andrea Parker (Computer and Information Science/Health Sciences), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sciences), Jessica Hoffman (Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology)

Imaging the Dynamic Behavior of Lung
Andrew Gouldstone (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Charles DiMarzio (Electrical and Computer Engineering)