Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks for Intelligent Visual Forecasting
Raymond Fu (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science), Yizhou Sun (Computer Science)

Ultra-stable and Conductive Metallic MoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Hongli Zhu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

EEG-guided Robotic Mirror Therapy for Neurorehabilitation
Sheng-Che Yen (Physical Therapy), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Identifying cell-type specific targets for prevention of mental illness
Heather Brenhouse (Psychology), Gregory Miller (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Identification of DNA damage from exposure to chemical mixtures
Penny Beuning (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Roger Giese (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Ultrafast All-Optical Manipulation of Magnetization at the Nanoscale for Big Data Storage
Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering), Nian Sun (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Abdelkrim Benabbas (Physics), Paul Champion (Physics)

Tunable Nanoparticle Integration with Adaptive Vessel Endothelial Glycocalyx
Eno Ebong (Chemical Engineering), Thomas Webster (Chemical Engineering), Srinivas Sridhar (Physics)

Microfluidic sample processing integrated with separation and mass spectrometry to enable proteomics of single cells
Alexander Ivanov (Chemistry, Barnett Institute), Tania Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Circulating Red Blood Cell Based Nanosensors  A New Paradigm for Low-Cost, Clinical Diagnostics
Mark Niedre (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Heather Clark (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Exploring Intellectual Agility and its Effects on Career Success
Jamie Ladge (Management and Organizational Development), Gregory Goodale (Communication Studies), Cigdem Talgar (CATLR)

Characterizing ribosome specialization by native mass spectrometry
Nikolai Slavov (Bioengineering), Alexander Ivanov (Chemistry, Barnett Institute)

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction Workers Understanding the role of work and the conditions of work
Jack Dennerlein (Physical Therapy), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology), Steven Vallas (Sociology and Anthropology)

Designing Computerized Support Systems to Optimize Human Diagnostic Decision-Making
John Ackermann (Psychology), Peter Bex (Psychology), Michelle Borkin (Computer Science)

Engineering a sprayable multifunctional wound dressing
Nasim Annabi (Chemical Engineering), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Analyzing Flood Risk in Jakarta
Gavin Shatkin (Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Architecture), Doreen Lee (Sociology and Anthropology), Kian Goh (Architecture), Alessandra Renzi (Art+Design, Media and Screen Studies), Auroop Ganguly (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Converge Community-sourced image analysis and mapping
Seth Cooper (Computer Science), Sara Wylie (Sociology and Anthropology, Health Sciences)

Estrogen and brain iron in emotional behavior
Jonghan Kim (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Rebecca Shansky (Psychology)

Biomanufactured Nerve Guidance Channels for Complex Nerve Repair
Abby Koppes (Chemical Engineering), Adam Ekenseair (Chemical Engineering), Erin Cram (Biology), Don O’Malley (Biology)

Social Resilience through Information and Communication Technologies in Rio de Janeiro’s Conflict Zones
Thomas Vicino (Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Dietmar Offenhuber (Art+Design, Public Policy and Urban Affairs)

Catalyzing Youth Advocacy Through Interactive Social Network Visualizations
Andrea Parker (Computer Science, Health Sciences), Brooke Foucault Welles (Communication Studies), Dietmar Offenhuber (Art+Design, Public Policy and Urban Affairs)