Congratulations to the FY19 TIER 1 Award Recipients:

Neuronal Control of Organismic Resilience and Aging
Javier Apfeld (Biology), Vivek Venkatachalam (Physics)

Mentored Award: Yeast-Based Chemical Sensors for Biohybrid Underwater Robots
Amy Mueller (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Marine and Environmental Sciences), Joseph Ayers (Marine and Environmental Sciences)

Mentored Award: Engineering Transparent, Soft Electrode Arrays to Stimulate Superior Cervical Ganglia for Effectively Targeting Organs
Hui Fang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Heather Clark (Bioengineering)

Leveraging Deep Learning to Model Inter-Subject Variation in fMRI Studies
Jan-Willem van de Meent (Computer Science), Ajay Satpute (Psychology)

Mentored Award: Cyberphysical Therapy for Enhanced Recovery of Locomotor Function
Christopher Hasson (Physical Therapy), Misha Pavel (Health Sciences/Computer Science)

New Paradigm for Assessment Decision Support of Sensorimotor Impairments through VR-based Multi-modal Data Fusion Approach
Chun-An Chou (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Yingzi Lin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Sheng-Che Yen (Physical Therapy)

Building a Digital Archive of Cherokee: A Lexical Database
Julia Flanders (Libraries/English), Ellen Cushman (English), David Smith (Computer Science)

Public Health and the Right to Affordable Water
Sharon Harlan (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Martha Davis (Law), Laura Senier (Sociology and Anthropology/ Health Sciences)

Touch This Page: Digital Preservation and Access with 3D Text
Sari Altschuler (English), Daniel Cohen (Libraries), Waleed Meleis (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Graphic-content Sharing in Our Digital Society: Discovering New Sociological Behavior via Computational Data Analytics
Devesh Tiwari (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Laura Nelson (Sociology and Anthropology)

Wearable functional optical brain imaging platform
Qianqian Fang (Bioengineering), Amy Shirong Lu (Communications/Health Sciences)

Mentored Award: Measuring Social Movement Success: Linguistic and Discursive Indicators of Social Change
Sarah Jackson (Communications), Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English), Laura Nelson (Sociology and Anthropology), Moya Bailey (CSGS/WGSS), Meg Heckman (Journalism)

Mentored Award: A dense anthroquinone-based ionic liquid for grid-scale electrical storage
Joshua Gallaway (Chemical Engineering), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chemistry)

Overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier: Avidin based Delivery of MRI Probes for Brain Imaging
Ambika Bajpayee (Bioengineering), Heather Clark (Bioengineering/Chemistry), Craig Ferris (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Psychology)

Adductomics of Healthy Aging: How is Exercise Good for You?
Konstantin Khrapko (Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dori Woods (Biology), Roger Giese (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Predicting shape change in 3d printed fiber reinforced composites
Alain Karma (Physics), Randall Erb (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Designing Emergency Response Services Processes for Elderly Evacuees
Jacqueline Griffin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Miso Kim (Art+Design), Andrea Parker (Computer Science/Health Sciences)

Cyclic Disulfide-Based Crosslinkers That Enable Green Chemistry and Biofriendly Polymers
Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Ke Zhang (Chemistry)

Engineering Optimal Nanoparticle-Based Formulation for Targeted Pulmonary Drug
Carlos Hidrovo Chavez (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Jessica Oakes (Bioengineering), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

C5: Crowdsourced Co-Creation of Cyberlearning Content
Christoffer Holmgård (Art+Design), Wolfgang Gatterbauer (Computer Science), Yevgeniya Zastavker (Provost Office/RIELS), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design)

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Learning Coordination and Decision-Making
Xiaoning Jin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Christopher Amato (Computer Science)

Mobilizing the CRRJ-Nobles Archive: Redressing Intergenerational Criminal Justice Failures
Margaret Burnham (Law), Jack McDevitt (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Roderick Ireland (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Moya Bailey (CSGS/WGSS)