Congratulations to the FY21 TIER 1 Award Recipients:

Multimodal Brain Stimulation for Healthy Neurocognitive Aging
Psyche Loui (Music), Art Kramer (Psychology)

Modulation of Organismic Resilience by the Microbiome
Javier Apfeld (Biology), Erel Levine (Bioengineering)

Mentored Award: Novel methods to quantify the affective impact of virtual reality for motor skill learning
Danielle Levac (Physical Therapy), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Lisa Barrett (Psychology), Sarah Ostadabbas (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Understanding the therapeutic modulation of the cancer cell responses to microbial-based cancer therapies via single cell lab on a chip approach.
Tania Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Jiahe Li (Bioengineering)

Mentored Award: Physical Frailty Complicated with Cognitive Impairment in Liver Transplant Recipients
Dami Ko (Nursing), Charles Hillman (Psychology/Physical Therapy), Dinesh John (Health Sciences)

Voting Delayed/Denied: Examination of Voting Line Behaviors in 2020 Election
Margaret Burnham (Law), Costas Panagopoulos (Political Science), Ted Landsmark (SPPUA)

Representing Racial Identity in Early Women’s Writing
Julia Flanders (English/Libraries), Nicole Aljoe (English/Africana Studies)

Quantum Machine Learning
Pau Closas (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Adrian Feiguin (Physics)

Mentored Award: Psychosocial Multimorbidity and Anticoagulant Use and Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation
Benita Bamgbade (Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences), Art Kramer (Psychology), Jane Saczynski (Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences)

Mentored Award: Screening for covalent inhibitors of parasitic DHODH
Lori Ferrins (Chemistry), Roman Manetsch (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Carla Mattos (Chemistry)

Microfluidic Droplet-Based Screening for the Directed Evolution of Materials
Neel Joshi (Chemistry), Sara Hashmi (Chemical Engineering)

Digital Cities Research Network
Daniel O’Brien (PPUA/Criminal Justice), Oliver Ayers (NCH), Patrick Yott (Libraries)

Mentored Award: Understanding Compliance with AI Advise for the Design of Better Human-Machine Hybrids
Yael Karlinsky Shichor (Marketing), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design)

Advancing Racial and Health Equity through the Arts: A Community-engaged Research Study in the City of Boston
Rebekah Moore (Music), Laura Senier (Sociology and Anthropology/Health Sciences), Jessica Silbey (Law), Shan Mohammed (Health Sciences), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (Theatre), Amanda Reeser Lawrence (Architecture)

Towards a digital biomarker of cognitive health – unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of cognitive changes using smartphone data
Sumientra Rampersad (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Misha Pavel (Computer Science/Health Sciences)

Information filtering in social media and formation of misbeliefs
Myojung Chung (Journalism), Mike Peacey (NCH), John Wihbey (Journalism), Sara Colombo (Design)

Learning Critical Reasoning Skills: A Machine-Learning Perspective
John Coley (Psychology), Ioannis Votsis (NCH)

Community Resilience in Extreme Temperatures: Solutions for citizens, government, and utilities through big data and community engagement
Michael Kane (Civil and Environmental Engineering), David Fannon (Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Michelle Laboy (Architecture)

Machine learning to predict and prevent opioid use disorder: clinical value, health equity, and algorithmic fairness
Angela Kilby (Economics), Leo Beletsky (Law/Health Sciences), Byron Wallace (Computer Science)

Chemical tools to ​track RNA in living cells and organisms
Sara Rouhanifard (Bioengineering), James Monaghan (Biology)

Enabling Secure Localization for Autonomous Cyber-physical Systems
Aanjhan Ranganathan (Computer Science), Pau Closas (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Optimizing Criminal Justice Responses to the Business of Labor Trafficking
Shawn Bhimani (Supply Chain and Information Management), Amy Farrell (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Kayse Maass (Mechanical and Industrial Engineernig)

Mentored Award: Industrial AI-Assisted Synthesis of 2D Quantum Materials
Xiaoning Jin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics)

Physical Mechanisms of Collective Epithelial Motility
Max Bi (Physics), Herbert Levine (Bioengineering/Physics)