TIER 1 Recipients

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FY24 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the FY24 TIER 1 Award Recipients

Environmentally Sustainable and Socially Equitable Congestion Mitigation in Urban Transportation Systems
Seyede Fatemeh Ghoreishi (Civil & Environmental Engineering/Computer Science), Daniel Aldrich (Political Science/SPPUA)

Social Media Use and Eating Disorder Risk at the Intersections of Gender and Autism
Meryl Alper (Communication Studies), Rachel Rodgers (Applied Psychology)

Artificial Intelligence to unpack the Dynamic Relationships between Media Narratives, Foreign Policy, and Public Opinion 
Xuechen Chen (NU London), Myojung Chung (Journalism), Seoeun Yang (Political Science/Communication Studies)

How modality-specific are the learning processes involved in second language acquisition: the case of sign language
Julia Hofweber (NU London), Zhenghan Qi (Communication Sciences & Disorders/Psychology)

BEaNS-EL: Body composition, EEG, And NnS in Early Life
Lauren Raine (Physical Therapy/Medical Sciences), Emily Zimmerman (Communication Sciences & Disorders), Laurel Gabard-Durnam (Psychology)

Wind View AI
Nathan Post (Roux), Enrico Bertini (Computer Science/Art + Design), Melanie Troy (Roux)

Archeologies of Data in Contemporary Journalism: Bootstrapping AI Models for Access to Photo Morgues
David Smith (Computer Science), Meg Heckman (Journalism)

Forced Migration & Policy Responses in an Era of Global Change
Denis Sullivan (Political Science/International Affairs), Sebastian Ille (NU London), Daniel Aldrich (Political Science/SPPUA), Andrea Kocsis (NU London)

The Base Project
Gretchen Heefner (History), Auroop Ganguly (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Reproductive Justice Research Collaborative
Suzanna Walters (WGSS/Sociology), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology), Wendy Parmet (Law), Meg Heckman (Journalism), Jessica Linker (History/NULab), Natalee Kehaulani Bauer (Ethnic Studies/CSGS)

Reclaiming Open Public Places in Asian-American Communities: A Community-Based Participatory Research in the Boston Chinatown
Lily Song (Architecture/SPPUA), Zorana Matic Isautier (Architecture), Matthew Lee (Human Services Program), Meredith Clark (Journalism/Communication Studies)

Quantum-Enhanced Biological Imaging
Sunil Mittal (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Bryan Spring (Physics)

Mentored Award: Measuring Government Responsiveness in a Time of Crisis
Katherine Haenschen (Communication Studies/Political Science), Kevin Drakulich (Social Sciences and Humanities)

Mentored Award: Topologically Robust and Scalable Quantum Light Emitters for Quantum Technologies
Sunil Mittal (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics)

African Built Heritage Digital Preservation, Benin Pilot Research Project
Hlanganiso Killion Mokwete (Architecture), Patricia Davis (Communication Studies), Jessica Parr (History)

Reimagining cyberspace governance regimes: a multi-layered approach
Pablo Calderon Martinez (NU London), Xuechen Chen (NU London), Claudio Lanza (NU London), Ada Lerner (Computer Science)

Leveraging language learning and exercise to enhance cognitive and brain health
Leanne Chukoskie (Physical Therapy/Art + Design), Art Kramer (Psychology), Miso Kim (Art + Design), Bob De Schutter (Art + Design/Computer Science), Christie Chung (Psychology)

Transforming Education for BIPOC youth with Game Design and Ecological Justice
Clifford Lee (Mills), Alexandra To (Art + Design/Computer Science)

Supporting Procedural Creativity with Probabilistic Programming-based AI
Steven Holtzen (Computer Science), Chris Martens (Art + Design/Computer Science)

A novel natural language processing model for advancing mental health research
Ruben van Genugten (IEAI), Donald Robinaugh (Applied Psychology/Art + Design)

Mentored Award: Ultrasound microsystems for embryo selection and early-stage development monitoring
Benyamin Davaji (Electrical & Computer Engineering), Dori Woods (Biology)

Mentored Award: Affective Touch through Wearable Actuators
Kris Dorsey (Electrical & Computer Engineering/Physical Therapy), Karen Quigley (Psychology)

Personalizing musculoskeletal model through deep learning and MRI processing
Seungmoon Song (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Jeongkyu Lee (Computer Science)

Transforming Sleep Apnea Diagnostics Using Topological Monitoring
Aarti Sathyanarayana (Health Sciences/Computer Science), Jose Perea (Mathematics/Computer Science)

A new model system for studying the role of ion channels in cystic fibrosis
Leigh Plant (Pharmaceutical Sciences), James Monaghan (Biology)

Mentored Award: Data Analytics for Aiding Road Safety with Graph Neural Networks
Hongyang Ryan Zhang (Computer Science), Haris Koutsopoulos (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Full lifecycle design and optimization for advanced manufacturing of implantable electronics
Xiaoyu Tang (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Leila Deravi (Chemistry)

Responsible AI Framework
Ricardo Baeza-Yates (IEAI/Computer Science), Cansu Canca (IEAI/Philosophy)

Is globalization a one-way street? An inquiry using MNA and M&A
Ravi Sundaram (Computer Science), Anand Venkateswaran (Finance)

FY23 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the FY23 TIER 1 Award Recipients:

Compact, Power-Efficient Quantum Sensors
Paul Stevenson (Physics), Nian Sun (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Strong, tough, durable, and degradable bio-fabricated materials
Ruobing Bai (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Neel Joshi (Chemistry)

New mathematical techniques for pseudorandomness and group products
Emanuele Viola (Computer Science), Harm Derksen (Math)

A Versatile Sensing Platform for Bioassays – COVID Testing
Srinivas Tadigadapa (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jared Auclair (Chemistry)

Building AI and Data Ethics Infrastructure
John Basl (Philosophy & Religion), Matthew Kopec (Ethics Institute), Tad Hirsch (Art+Design), Brian Ball (NCH)

In-depth chemical analysis and exposure assessment of crumb rubber in artificial turf
Zhenyu Tian (Chemistry/Marine and Environmental Sciences), Loretta Fernandez (Civil and Environmental Engineering/Marine and Environmental Sciences)

Tunable Single Photon Sources for Quantum Communications
Paul Stevenson (Physics), Siddhartha Ghosh (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Historical Epidemics in American Cities
Christopher Parsons (History), Sara Jensen Carr (Architecture)

Detecting pediatric dysarthria: A tech-assisted approach for earlier diagnosis
Kristen Allison (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Sarah Ostadabbas (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design)

Assessing the Scalability & Feasibility of Digitally Phenotyping Stress
Aarti Sathyanarayana (Health Sciences/Computer Science), Robert Volpe (Applied Psychology), Varun Mishra (Computer Science/Health Sciences)

Mentored Award: Discovering Digital Allies and Influential Actors in Online Social Movements
Silvio Amir (Computer Science), Yakov Bart (Marketing), Brooke Foucault Welles (Communication Studies)

Measuring Sustainable Consumption with Transaction-level Environmental Accounting
Yakov Bart (Marketing), Matthew Eckelman (Civil and Environmental Engineering) , Moira Zellner (Public Policy and Urban Affairs)

Mentored Award: Planning Transformational Coastal Adaptation with a Climate Justice Lens
Laura Kuhl (Public Policy and Urban Affairs/International Affairs), Julia Hopkins (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Moira Zellner (Public Policy and Urban Affairs)

It Takes Two: Dual-Task Imaging Using Two Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Systems in Younger and Older Healthy Adults
Erin Meier (Communication Sciences and Disorders), Joshua Stefanik (Physical Therapy), Qianqian Fang (Bioengineering)

Establishing Project 8 at Northeastern: Innovative research combining public and private datasets to address SDGs
Amanda Welsh (CPS), Diana Bozhilova (NCH), Sabina Crowe (NCH), Sebastian Ille (NCH), Brianne Olivieri-Mui (Health Sciences/Roux), Aron Stubbins (Marine and Environmental Sciences/Chemistry/Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Mentored Award: Systematizing Data on Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances and Health
Julia Varshavsky (Heath Sciences/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Phil Brown (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology)

Wearable Actuators with Transparent Telehaptics (WATTs) for Improved Physical Therapy
Christopher Hasson (Physical Therapy), Peter Whitney (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Toward Building Machine Learning Models that Learn Visual Concepts Like Humans
Huaizu Jiang (Computer Science), MiYoung Kwon (Psychology)

Big data ethics and privacy by design: New survey evidence
Imke Reimers (Economics), Stephen Dnes (NCH), Patrick Legros (Economics)

Mentored Award: Computational Phenotyping of Psychopathology in Extended Reality: A Proof-of-Concept Study
Donald Robinaugh (Applied Psychology/Art+Design), Matthew Goodwin (Computer Science/Health Sciences), Ajay Satpute (Psychology), Mark Sivak (Art+Design/Sherman Center)

Strategy For Broad Spectrum Corona Virus Treatment
Jeff Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Science), Roman Manetsch (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Science)

FY22 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the FY22 TIER 1 Award Recipients:

Mentored Award: Status- and Identity-Based Implicit Bias for Women or Minority Entrepreneurs:  An Examination of Systemic Inequality in the Innovation Economy
Zhenyu Liao (Management and Organization Development), Ari Waldman (Law/Computer Science)

Automatic Mining of Project Risk Data from News Articles with NLP
Ali Touran (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Nicholas Beauchamp (Political Science), Ryan Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Learning to predict disrupted sleep from critical care notes with indirectly supervised neural models
Byron Wallace (Computer Science), John Devlin (Pharmacy and Health System Sciences)

From Cones to Words: Augmenting Colour Communication in Context
Rhea Eskew (Psychology), Dimitrios Mylonas (NCH), Alexandros Koliousis (NCH)

Evaluating New Detection Modalities for Covert Pharmaceutical Authentication and Beyond
Laura Lewis (Chemical Engineering/Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Chemical Engineering), Yunume Fitchorova (KRI), Nikos Passas (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Ravi Sundaram (Computer Science)

Extend and Learn: An exploratory pilot study using augmented reality in experiential medical education workforce training
Kristin Greenwood (Physical Therapy/Roux), Scott Valcourt (Computer Science, Roux), Mark Sivak (Art+Design/Sherman Center)

Mentored Award: Shapeshifting Neural Networks for Secure-by-Design Hardware-based Deep Learning in Mobile Autonomous Systems
Francesco Restuccia (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Cristina Nita-Rotaru (Computer Science)

Mentored Award: Structure of the Achilles heel in Acinetobacter baumannii membrane synthesis
Edward Geisinger (Biology), Carla Mattos (Chemistry)

Organizational Innovation for Climate Justice and Sustainability: A Digital Tool to Monitor and Assess Actions
Jennie Stephens (SPPUA), Diana Bozhilova (NCH), Sheila Puffer (International Business and Strategy)

See Something, Frame Something: State-Private Influence and Cooperation in Surveillance of Targeted Communities
Ari Waldman (Law/Computer Science), Patricia Williams (Philosophy and Religion/Law), Jennifer Gradecki (Art+Design)

Establishing the Homosaurus at Northeastern University
K.J. Rawson (English/WGSS), Julia Flanders (English/Library)

Mentored Award: Equity in access to well water recovery resources after hurricanes
Kelsey Pieper (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Daniel Aldrich (Political Science/SPPUA), Edward Beighley (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Building Entrepreneurial Resilience
Youngbok Ryu (CPS), Francesca Grippa (CPS), Mikhail Oet (CPS), Luis Alfonso Dau (International Business and Strategy), Elizabeth Moore (International Business and Strategy)

CXCR4-targeted nanoparticles to eliminate hypoxia-adenosinergic immunosuppression in tumors
Debra Auguste (Chemical Engineering), Stephen Hatfield (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

3D anatomical mapping of mouse brain for co-expressed receptors involved in neuropsychiatric diseases
Hideaki Yano (Pharmaceutical Sciences), James Monaghan (Biology)

Understanding Processes and Impacts of Organizational Re-entry in a Post-COVID World
Jamie Ladge (Management and Organization Development), Alicia Sasser Modestino (Economics/SPPUA), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology)

Hospital-Physician Integration: Implications for Health Equity and Care for Seniors
Brady Post (Health Sciences), Hermine Poghosyan (Nursing), Laura Senier (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Gary Young (Health Sciences/International Business and Strategy)

Mentored Award: Moving Data Beyond the Screen: Creating Hybrid Experiential Opportunities for Coastal Sustainability and Food Security
Laura Perovich (Art+Design), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design), Brian Helmuth (Marine and Environmental Sciences/SPPUA)

Automated Monitoring of City Sewer Networks Using Drones
Alireza Ramezani (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Lawson Wong (Khoury)

Understanding Cervical Cancer Screening Beliefs and Practices of Black Immigrant Women
Kayoll Gyan (Nursing), Richard Wamai (CSGS)

Visualizing Spatial Violence: Tools for Social Justice Advocacy
Angel David Nieves (CSGS/History), Liza Weinstein (Sociology & Anthropology), Margaret Burnham (Law), Alexandra To (Art+Design/Computer Science)

Mentored Award: Changes in joint and muscle forces following treatment-induced gait alterations in adults with knee osteoarthritis
Joshua Stefanik (Physical Therapy), Sandra Shefelbine (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Bioengineering)

Mentored Award: Social Connections and Well-being in Older Persons Living with HIV
Moka Yoo-Jeong (Nursing), Miso Kim (Art+Design), Tiana Yom (Public Evaluation Lab), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology)

Addressing Humanitarian and Security Issues using Spatial Optimization and Wireless Sensor Network Design
Mehdi Behroozi (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Stefano Basagni (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Amy Farrell (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Ramiro Martinez (Sociology and Anthropology/Criminology and Criminal Justice)

The Group Rights Project: Collective Rights and Digital Humanities
Simon Rabinovitch (History), Martha Davis (Law), Adam Omar Hosein (Philosophy and Religion), Angel David Nieves (CSGS/History), Rachel Rosenbloom (Law), Bahare Sanaie-Moyahed (Library)

FY21 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Multimodal Brain Stimulation for Healthy Neurocognitive Aging
Psyche Loui (Music), Art Kramer (Psychology)

Modulation of Organismic Resilience by the Microbiome
Javier Apfeld (Biology), Erel Levine (Bioengineering)

Mentored Award: Novel methods to quantify the affective impact of virtual reality for motor skill learning
Danielle Levac (Physical Therapy), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Lisa Barrett (Psychology), Sarah Ostadabbas (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Understanding the therapeutic modulation of the cancer cell responses to microbial-based cancer therapies via single cell lab on a chip approach.
Tania Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Jiahe Li (Bioengineering)

Mentored Award: Physical Frailty Complicated with Cognitive Impairment in Liver Transplant Recipients
Dami Ko (Nursing), Charles Hillman (Psychology/Physical Therapy), Dinesh John (Health Sciences)

Voting Delayed/Denied: Examination of Voting Line Behaviors in 2020 Election
Margaret Burnham (Law), Costas Panagopoulos (Political Science), Ted Landsmark (SPPUA)

Representing Racial Identity in Early Women’s Writing
Julia Flanders (English/Libraries), Nicole Aljoe (English/Africana Studies)

Quantum Machine Learning
Pau Closas (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Adrian Feiguin (Physics)

Mentored Award: Psychosocial Multimorbidity and Anticoagulant Use and Outcomes in Atrial Fibrillation
Benita Bamgbade (Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences), Art Kramer (Psychology), Jane Saczynski (Pharmacy and Health Systems Sciences)

Mentored Award: Screening for covalent inhibitors of parasitic DHODH
Lori Ferrins (Chemistry), Roman Manetsch (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Carla Mattos (Chemistry)

Microfluidic Droplet-Based Screening for the Directed Evolution of Materials
Neel Joshi (Chemistry), Sara Hashmi (Chemical Engineering)

Digital Cities Research Network
Daniel O’Brien (PPUA/Criminal Justice), Oliver Ayers (NCH), Patrick Yott (Libraries)

Mentored Award: Understanding Compliance with AI Advise for the Design of Better Human-Machine Hybrids
Yael Karlinsky Shichor (Marketing), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design)

Advancing Racial and Health Equity through the Arts: A Community-engaged Research Study in the City of Boston
Rebekah Moore (Music), Laura Senier (Sociology and Anthropology/Health Sciences), Jessica Silbey (Law), Shan Mohammed (Health Sciences), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Antonio Ocampo-Guzman (Theatre), Amanda Reeser Lawrence (Architecture)

Towards a digital biomarker of cognitive health – unobtrusive and continuous monitoring of cognitive changes using smartphone data
Sumientra Rampersad (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Misha Pavel (Computer Science/Health Sciences)

Information filtering in social media and formation of misbeliefs
Myojung Chung (Journalism), Mike Peacey (NCH), John Wihbey (Journalism), Sara Colombo (Design)

Learning Critical Reasoning Skills: A Machine-Learning Perspective
John Coley (Psychology), Ioannis Votsis (NCH)

Community Resilience in Extreme Temperatures: Solutions for citizens, government, and utilities through big data and community engagement
Michael Kane (Civil and Environmental Engineering), David Fannon (Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Michelle Laboy (Architecture)

Machine learning to predict and prevent opioid use disorder: clinical value, health equity, and algorithmic fairness
Angela Kilby (Economics), Leo Beletsky (Law/Health Sciences), Byron Wallace (Computer Science)

Chemical tools to ​track RNA in living cells and organisms
Sara Rouhanifard (Bioengineering), James Monaghan (Biology)

Enabling Secure Localization for Autonomous Cyber-physical Systems
Aanjhan Ranganathan (Computer Science), Pau Closas (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Optimizing Criminal Justice Responses to the Business of Labor Trafficking
Shawn Bhimani (Supply Chain and Information Management), Amy Farrell (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Kayse Maass (Mechanical and Industrial Engineernig)

Mentored Award: Industrial AI-Assisted Synthesis of 2D Quantum Materials
Xiaoning Jin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics)

Physical Mechanisms of Collective Epithelial Motility
Max Bi (Physics), Herbert Levine (Bioengineering/Physics)

FY20 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Physics-Informed Deep Learning for High-Resolution Climate Extremes Modeling
Rose Yu (Computer Science), Auroop Ganguly (Civil & Environmental Engineering)

Video Capture of CEO Behavior to Predict Firm Performance
John Bai (Finance), Rajesh Aggarwal (Finance), Raymond Fu (Electrical & Computer Engineering, Computer Science)

Augmented Product Design for Personalized Manufacturing
Mohsen Moghaddam (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Lu Wang (Computer Science)

Probing Opportunistic Pathogen Dynamics in the Drinking Water Microbiome
Ameet Pinto (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Aron Stubbins (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Chemistry/Civil & Environmental Engineering), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Mentored Award: Engineering Novel Analgesics Inspired from the Gut Microbiome
Jiahe Li (Bioengineering), Kim Lewis (Biology)

Mentored award: Integrated tools to visualize and characterize modified RNAs in the brain
Sara Rouhanifard (Bioengineering), Meni Wanunu (Physics)

Application of Network Analyses and Machine/Deep Learning Approaches to Modern, Multi-omic Data
Steven Vollmer (Biology), Amy Mueller (Civil & Environmental Engineering/Marine & Environmental Sciences), Samuel Scarpino (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Physics)

Employer-based approaches for targeting the opioid crisis in the construction industry
Jack Dennerlein (Physical Therapy), Christina Lee (Applied Psychology)

Mu-Opioid and CB1 receptor signaling interactions in pain perception
Leigh Plant (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Ryan Koppes (Chemical Engineering)

Physics-encoded Sparsity-promoted Deep Learning for Data-driven Discovery of Nonlinear Governing Laws
Hao Sun (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Ting Zhou (Mathematics)

Experiment-Theory feedback loop to rationally design high-performance organic aqueous flow batteries
Steven Lopez (Chemistry), Hongli Zhu (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering)

The Impacts of Partisan Polarization and Voting Preferences on the Public’s Health: Assessing Overall Patterns and the Mediating and Moderating Roles of Resilience Factors
Daniel Kim (Health Sciences), Daniel Aldrich (Political Science/Public Policy & Urban Affairs), Costas Panagopoulos (Political Science)

Mentored Award: Urban Form Impact: Humans, Environments, Equity
Sara Jensen Carr (Architecture), Jay Cephas (Architecture), Geoff Boeing (Public Policy & Urban Affairs), Peter Furth (Civil & Environmental Engineering), Sharon Harlan (Health Sciences/Sociology & Anthropology)

Cognitive construals of urban waterways: Enhancing environmental awareness to promote resilience
Daniel Adams (Architecture), John Coley (Psychology), Brian Helmuth (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Public Policy & Urban Affairs)

Plants, microbes, and their interactions as determinants of carbon processing
Jennifer Bowen (Marine & Environmental Sciences), Aron Stubbins (Marine & Environmental Sciences/Chemistry/Civil & Environmental Engineering), Randall Hughes (Marine & Environmental Sciences)

Extracellular determinants of airway hyper-reactivity in Asthma
Hari Parameswaran (Bioengineering), Erin Cram (Biology)

Risking Justice: Examination of AI Algorithms in the Criminal Justice System
Deborah Ramirez (Law), Yakov Bart (Marketing), Tina Eliassi-Rad (Computer Science)

Tile-o-scope: A Toolkit for Augmented Reality Citizen Science Games
Seth Cooper (Computer Science), Sara Wylie (Sociology & Anthropology/Health Sciences)

High-throughput microscopy platform for accelerating regeneration neuroscience
Samuel Chung (Bioengineering), Armen Stepanyants (Physics)

Modeling and Evaluation of Interdependencies in Platform-based Systems
Babak Heydari (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Rashmi Dyal-Chand (Law), Yakov Bart (Marketing), Hilary Robinson (Law/Sociology & Anthropology), Daniel O’Brien (Public Policy & Urban Affairs/Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Mapping the Cradle-to-Prison Pipeline in Boston
Peter Enrich (Law), Tad Hirsch (Art+Design), Daniel O’Brien (Public Policy & Urban Affairs/Criminology & Criminal Justice)

Machine‐Learning‐Enabled Bottom‐Up Multiscale Computational Modeling of Ceramic Matrix Composites Under Extreme Conditions
Yang Liu (Mechanical & Industrial Engineering), Alain Karma (Physics), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical & Computer Engineering)

Reentering Lives of Juvenile Lifers
Simon Singer (Criminology & Criminal Justice), Carlos Cuevas (Criminology & Criminal Justice), Megan Denver (Criminology & Criminal Justice), David DeSteno (Psychology), Shytierra Gaston (Criminology & Criminal Justice), Daniel Medwed (Law)

FY19 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Neuronal Control of Organismic Resilience and Aging
Javier Apfeld (Biology), Vivek Venkatachalam (Physics)

Mentored Award: Yeast-Based Chemical Sensors for Biohybrid Underwater Robots
Amy Mueller (Civil and Environmental Engineering, Marine and Environmental Sciences), Joseph Ayers (Marine and Environmental Sciences)

Mentored Award: Engineering Transparent, Soft Electrode Arrays to Stimulate Superior Cervical Ganglia for Effectively Targeting Organs
Hui Fang (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Heather Clark (Bioengineering)

Leveraging Deep Learning to Model Inter-Subject Variation in fMRI Studies
Jan-Willem van de Meent (Computer Science), Ajay Satpute (Psychology)

Mentored Award: Cyberphysical Therapy for Enhanced Recovery of Locomotor Function
Christopher Hasson (Physical Therapy), Misha Pavel (Health Sciences/Computer Science)

New Paradigm for Assessment Decision Support of Sensorimotor Impairments through VR-based Multi-modal Data Fusion Approach
Chun-An Chou (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Yingzi Lin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Sheng-Che Yen (Physical Therapy)

Building a Digital Archive of Cherokee: A Lexical Database
Julia Flanders (Libraries/English), Ellen Cushman (English), David Smith (Computer Science)

Public Health and the Right to Affordable Water
Sharon Harlan (Health Sciences/Sociology and Anthropology), Martha Davis (Law), Laura Senier (Sociology and Anthropology/ Health Sciences)

Touch This Page: Digital Preservation and Access with 3D Text
Sari Altschuler (English), Daniel Cohen (Libraries), Waleed Meleis (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Graphic-content Sharing in Our Digital Society: Discovering New Sociological Behavior via Computational Data Analytics
Devesh Tiwari (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Laura Nelson (Sociology and Anthropology)

Wearable functional optical brain imaging platform
Qianqian Fang (Bioengineering), Amy Shirong Lu (Communications/Health Sciences)

Mentored Award: Measuring Social Movement Success: Linguistic and Discursive Indicators of Social Change
Sarah Jackson (Communications), Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English), Laura Nelson (Sociology and Anthropology), Moya Bailey (CSGS/WGSS), Meg Heckman (Journalism)

Mentored Award: A dense anthroquinone-based ionic liquid for grid-scale electrical storage
Joshua Gallaway (Chemical Engineering), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chemistry)

Overcoming the Blood Brain Barrier: Avidin based Delivery of MRI Probes for Brain Imaging
Ambika Bajpayee (Bioengineering), Heather Clark (Bioengineering/Chemistry), Craig Ferris (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Psychology)

Adductomics of Healthy Aging: How is Exercise Good for You?
Konstantin Khrapko (Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Dori Woods (Biology), Roger Giese (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Predicting shape change in 3d printed fiber reinforced composites
Alain Karma (Physics), Randall Erb (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Designing Emergency Response Services Processes for Elderly Evacuees
Jacqueline Griffin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Miso Kim (Art+Design), Andrea Parker (Computer Science/Health Sciences)

Cyclic Disulfide-Based Crosslinkers That Enable Green Chemistry and Biofriendly Polymers
Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Ke Zhang (Chemistry)

Engineering Optimal Nanoparticle-Based Formulation for Targeted Pulmonary Drug
Carlos Hidrovo Chavez (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Jessica Oakes (Bioengineering), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

C5: Crowdsourced Co-Creation of Cyberlearning Content
Christoffer Holmgård (Art+Design), Wolfgang Gatterbauer (Computer Science), Yevgeniya Zastavker (Provost Office/RIELS), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design)

Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning Framework for Learning Coordination and Decision-Making
Xiaoning Jin (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Christopher Amato (Computer Science)

Mobilizing the CRRJ-Nobles Archive: Redressing Intergenerational Criminal Justice Failures
Margaret Burnham (Law), Jack McDevitt (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Roderick Ireland (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Moya Bailey (CSGS/WGSS)

FY18 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Decoding Situational Empathy: A Graph Theoretic Approach Towards Introducing a Quantitative Empathy Measure
Sarah Ostadabbas (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Chun-An Chou (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Lisa Barrett (Psychology), Karen Quigley (Psychology)

Nanoformulations of Novel Antimicrobials Against Gram-Positive and Gram-Negative Bacteria
Vladimir Torchilin (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Kim Lewis (Biology)

Neighborhood Connectivity and Social Inequality: Urban Travel Imbalances Based on Google Traffic Data
Qi Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Len Albright (Sociology, Public Policy)

Word Vector Analysis for TEI/XML: A user-friendly toolkit
Julia Flanders (Libraries, English), Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English), Cody Dunne (Computer Science)

Designing bionic protein materials for flexible electronics
Leila Deravi (Chemistry/Chemical Biology), Samuel Felton (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Co-targeting of Inflamed Synovium Membrane and Cartilage for Treatment of Arthritis
Ambika Bajpayee (Bioengineering), Sunny Zhaohui Zhou (Chemistry/Chemical Biology)

Unlocking the Full Potential of Cryogel-based Cancer Vaccines
Sidi Bencherif (Chemical Engineering), Michail Sitkovsky (Biology, Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Northeastern University Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL)
Alisa Lincoln (Sociology, Health Sciences), Amy Farrell (Criminal Justice), Emily Mann (Human Services)

Toward in Vivo Liquid Biopsy of Breast Cancer Circulating Tumor Cells
Bryan Spring (Physics), Mark Niedre (Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Bioengineering)

Team Communication Unpacked: A Pilot Study of Team Communication Process and Performance Captured in a Smart Meeting Room
Brooke Foucault Welles (Communication Studies), Christoph Riedl (Information Systems, Computer Science)

Networks and Global Health: Experimental Evidence of Women’s Social Networks, Reproductive Health, and Well-Being in Developing Countries
Catalina Herrera Almanza (Economics, International Affairs), David Lazer (Political Science, Computer Science)

Uncovering Strategic Consumer Data Collection and Sharing in Online Markets by Tracing Information Flows
Yakov Bart (Marketing), Christo Wilson (Computer Science)

Pathways to healing: A mixed methods investigation of the role of justice in healing of mental, physical, and social wounds of sexual assault survivors
Beth Molnar (Health Sciences), Margo Lindauer (Law, Health Sciences), Amy Farrell (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Carlos Cuevas (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Daniel Medwed (Law)

Witnessing Hate: A Social Justice Archive of the Present
Ryan Cordell (English), Élika Ortega Guzman (Cultures, Societies & Global Studies), Richard Daynard (Law)

Using Big Data to Compare Effectiveness of Abuse-Deterrent Opioids
Gary Young (Health Sciences, International Business and Strategy), Alicia Sasser Modestino (Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Md. Noor Alam (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Quantification of Pulmonary and Cardiovascular Structure and Function in Mice Exposed to Cigarettes and E-Cigarette Aerosols
Jessica Oakes (Bioengineering), Chiara Bellini (Bioengineering), Craig Ferris (Psychology, Pharmaceutical Sciences)

A Temperature Sensor Network to Study Public Health and Community Resilience Impacts of Heat Waves at Micro-Spatial Levels in the Town of Brookline
Aatmesh Shrivastava (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jennie Stephens (Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Daniel O’Brien (Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Criminology and Criminal Justice), Auroop Ganguly (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Brian Helmuth (Marine and Environmental Sciences, Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Mark Patterson (Marine and Environmental Sciences, Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Inferring Argument Structure from Online and Live Conversations
Lu Wang (Computer Science), Nicholas Beauchamp (Political Science), Michelle Borkin (Computer Science)

Assisted living chronically ill patients’ perspective of home care needs: using a service design approach
Miso Kim (Art+Design), Valeria Ramdin (Nursing)

Measuring Team Performance with Alternate Reality Games
Paul Fombelle (Marketing), Casper Harteveld (Art+Design), Magy Seif El-Nasr (Computer Science, Art+Design)

Spatial and information space partitioning optimization for data visualization
Mehdi Behroozi (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Cody Dunne (Computer Science)

FY17 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Dynamic Heterogeneous Information Networks for Intelligent Visual Forecasting
Raymond Fu (Electrical and Computer Engineering, Computer Science), Yizhou Sun (Computer Science)

Ultra-stable and Conductive Metallic MoS2 for Hydrogen Evolution Reaction
Hongli Zhu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

EEG-guided Robotic Mirror Therapy for Neurorehabilitation
Sheng-Che Yen (Physical Therapy), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Identifying cell-type specific targets for prevention of mental illness
Heather Brenhouse (Psychology), Gregory Miller (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Identification of DNA damage from exposure to chemical mixtures
Penny Beuning (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Roger Giese (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Ultrafast All-Optical Manipulation of Magnetization at the Nanoscale for Big Data Storage
Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering), Nian Sun (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Abdelkrim Benabbas (Physics), Paul Champion (Physics)

Tunable Nanoparticle Integration with Adaptive Vessel Endothelial Glycocalyx
Eno Ebong (Chemical Engineering), Thomas Webster (Chemical Engineering), Srinivas Sridhar (Physics)

Microfluidic sample processing integrated with separation and mass spectrometry to enable proteomics of single cells
Alexander Ivanov (Chemistry, Barnett Institute), Tania Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Circulating Red Blood Cell Based Nanosensors  A New Paradigm for Low-Cost, Clinical Diagnostics
Mark Niedre (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Heather Clark (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Exploring Intellectual Agility and its Effects on Career Success
Jamie Ladge (Management and Organizational Development), Gregory Goodale (Communication Studies), Cigdem Talgar (CATLR)

Characterizing ribosome specialization by native mass spectrometry
Nikolai Slavov (Bioengineering), Alexander Ivanov (Chemistry, Barnett Institute)

Improving Mental Health and Wellbeing in Construction Workers Understanding the role of work and the conditions of work
Jack Dennerlein (Physical Therapy), Alisa Lincoln (Health Sciences, Sociology and Anthropology), Steven Vallas (Sociology and Anthropology)

Designing Computerized Support Systems to Optimize Human Diagnostic Decision-Making
John Ackermann (Psychology), Peter Bex (Psychology), Michelle Borkin (Computer Science)

Engineering a sprayable multifunctional wound dressing
Nasim Annabi (Chemical Engineering), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Cross-Disciplinary Approaches to Analyzing Flood Risk in Jakarta
Gavin Shatkin (Public Policy and Urban Affairs, Architecture), Doreen Lee (Sociology and Anthropology), Kian Goh (Architecture), Alessandra Renzi (Art+Design, Media and Screen Studies), Auroop Ganguly (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Converge Community-sourced image analysis and mapping
Seth Cooper (Computer Science), Sara Wylie (Sociology and Anthropology, Health Sciences)

Estrogen and brain iron in emotional behavior
Jonghan Kim (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Rebecca Shansky (Psychology)

Biomanufactured Nerve Guidance Channels for Complex Nerve Repair
Abby Koppes (Chemical Engineering), Adam Ekenseair (Chemical Engineering), Erin Cram (Biology), Don O’Malley (Biology)

Social Resilience through Information and Communication Technologies in Rio de Janeiro’s Conflict Zones
Thomas Vicino (Political Science, Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Dietmar Offenhuber (Art+Design, Public Policy and Urban Affairs)

Catalyzing Youth Advocacy Through Interactive Social Network Visualizations
Andrea Parker (Computer Science, Health Sciences), Brooke Foucault Welles (Communication Studies), Dietmar Offenhuber (Art+Design, Public Policy and Urban Affairs)

FY16 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Cushy Armchair – Interactive Multimedia Business Case, a Prototype
David Wesley (DMSB – International Business and Strategy Group), Anthony De Ritis (Music)

Solid Supported Lipase Inhibitors for the Treatment of Acute Pancreatitis
George O’Doherty (Chemistry/Chemical Biology), Adam Ekenseair (Chemical Engineering)

Institutional Data and Energy Flows: Revealing drivers of urban energy consumption through remote sensing, real-time systems data analysis, dynamic modeling, and data visualization
Kristian Kloeckl (Art + Design/Architecture), Matthias Ruth (Public Policy & Urban Affairs/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Guevara Noubir (Computer and Information Science)

Highly Sensitive, Field Based, Lab on a Chip (LOC) for Serological Studies of Ebola Virus
Tali Konry (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Meni Wanunu (Physics)

A Multidisciplinary Collaboration to Test an Innovative Framework for Youth Violence Prediction: A Cognitive, Emotional and Neurobiological Examination of Violent Behavior
Changiz Mohiyeddini (Counseling and Applied Psychology), Christie Rizzo (Counseling and Applied Psychology), Beth Molnar (Health Sciences), Gia Barboza (African-American Studies/Criminology and Criminal Justice), Carlos Cuevas (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Margo Lindauer (Law)

Two-Dimensional Materials for Ultrafast Optoelectronic Sensing, Detection and Communication Technologies
Swastik Kar (Physics), Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Human in the Loop Design and Optimization for Resilient Infrastructure Networks
Casper Harteveld (Game Design), Ozlem Ergun (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

The Status of Economically and Socially Disadvantaged Groups in the US in an Era of Declining Opportunity
Glenn Pierce (Center for Applied Social Research), David Kaeli (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Kevin Drakulich (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Gregory Zimmerman (Criminology and Criminal Justice), Leo Beletsky (Law/Health Sciences)

The Multi-Site Ultrasonic Wireless Pacemaker-Defibrillator
Tommaso Melodia (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Matteo Rinaldi (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Does Narrative Feedback Enhance Motor Learning of a Virtual Balance Task in Children with Cerebral Palsy?
Danielle Levac (Physical Therapy), Amy Lu (Communication Studies/Health Sciences)

Development of a Platform for Remote Monitoring of Chronic Wounds
Edgar Goluch (Chemical Engineering), Veronica Godoy-Carter (Biology), Holly Jimison (Computer and Information Science/Nursing)

Using Novel Big Data Approaches to Improve Public Health
Helen Suh (Health Sciences), Javed Aslam (Computer and Information Science), Virgil Pavlu (Computer and Information Science)

Flow and Glycocalyx-mediated Cancer Metastasis Mechanisms: A Pilot Study
Eno Ebong (Chemical Engineering), Mark Niedre (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Vladimir Torchilin (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Mapping Glioblastoma Architecture in Response to Serotonin receptor ligands
Raymond Booth (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Richard Gilbert (Chemistry and Chemical Biology)

Automatic Levelling of Citizen Science Game Tasks for Engagement
Sebastian Deterding (Game Design), Seth Cooper (Computer and Information Science), Gillian Smith (Computer and Information Science/Game Design)

Development, Democratization, and Women’s Empowerment: What are the Connections?
Valentine Moghadam (International Affairs/Sociology), Bilge Erten (International Affairs/Economics), Catalina Herrera Almanza (Economics/International Affairs)

Building Resilience: A Tool for Adaptability Planning and Decision-Making
David Fannon (Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Matt Eckelman (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Michelle Laboy (Architecture)

Odor in Real Time, or Microbial Interactions via Air
Slava Epstein (Biology), Adam Hall (Barnett Institute)

A Prototype for Crowdsourced Restorative Justice
Margaret Burnham (Law), Laurel Leff (Journalism)

FY15 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Building a Prototype Hyperspectral Imaging Platform
Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences), Max Diem (Chemistry)

The Massachusetts All Payer Claims Database: a vital resource to evaluate disparities in nursing home care
John Auerbach (Health Sciences), Gary Young (DMSB/ Health Sciences), Wendy Parmet (Law), Alice Bonner (Nursing), Jean McGuire (Health Sciences)

Effects of continental-scale variation in freshwater input on coastal ecosystem services
Edward Beighley (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Anne Randall Hughes (Marine and Environmental Sciences), David Kimbro (Marine and Environmental Sciences)

Identification of Biomarkers to Predict and Prevent Mental Illness
Heather Brenhouse (Psychology), Shashi Murthy (Chemical Engineering)

GameGaze: Eye tracking to assess cognitive processes during gameplay
Alessandro Canossa (Game Design), Adam Reeves (Psychology)

Amino-Pillared Nanosheet (APN) for High Performance CO2 Capture
Sunho Choi (Chemical Engineering), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chemistry), Yung Joon Jung (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Big Data and Text Curation: TEI and NLP Methods and Intersections
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English), Patrick Yott (Libraries), Julia Flanders (English/ Libraries), David Smith (Computer and Information Science)

Injectable, Multifunctional Polymeric Nanocomposites for Osteochondral Tissue Repair
Adam Ekenseair (Chemical Engineering), Srinivas Sridhar (Physics)

A New Paradigm for Robotic Gait Rehabilitation Based on Reinforcement Learning
Christopher Hasson (Physical Therapy), Sheng-Che Yen (Physical Therapy), Robert Platt (Computer and Information Science)

Systems Biology Approaches to Enable Proteomic Profiling of Single Neurons Isolated from the Brain of an Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) Mouse Model
Alexander Ivanov (Barnett), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Selenium, an essential anti-oxidant metal, and cognitive function in the elderly
Jonghan Kim (Pharmaceutical Sciences), Philip Larese-Casanova (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

A Novel Solid-State Solar Cell Concept: Experimental Research and Commercial Feasibility Analysis
Latika Menon (Physics), Marc Meyer (DSMB)

Autonomous Sensors and Smart Analytics for Wetlands in Urban Areas
Mark Patterson (Marine and Environmental Sciences / Civil and Environmental Engineering), Brian Helmuth (Marine and Environmental Sciences / Public Policy)

Mining Big Heterogeneous Networks: Scalable Parallel Algorithms and Effective Scheduling
Mirek Riedewald (Computer and Information Science), Yizhou Sun (Computer and Information Science), Ningfang Mi (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Brooke Foucault Welles (Communication Studies)

Extracting and Visualizing Multi-Dimensional Text Networks: Tools for Structural Reading and Text Exploration
Christoph Riedl (DMSB/ Computer and Information Science), Dietmar Offenhuber (Art + Design/ Public Policy and Urban Affairs), Nicholas Beauchamp (Political Science), David Smith (Computer and Information Science)

Interactions between Socio-Economic Changes and Urban Warming: Modeling the Feedbacks and Identifying the Leverage Points
Matthias Ruth (Public Policy/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Casper Harteveld (Art + Design)

Measuring blood perfusion in paraplegics using near infrared spectroscopy
Sandra Shefelbine (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Mark Niedre (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Charles DiMarzio (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

GrACE: An AI-Driven Game for Broadening Participation in Computer Science
Gillian Smith (Computer and Information Science / Game Design), Casper Harteveld (Art + Design)

A Cyber-Physical Platform for Rapid Development of Nano-Delivery Systems
Ravi Sundaram (Computer and Information Science), Mansoor Amiji (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Breath and Saliva Based Nano-Bio Sensing System for Disease Diagnosis and Monitoring
Ming Wang (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Steven Cranford (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Ralf Birken (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Edgar Goluch (Chemical Engineering), Veronica Godoy-Carter (Biology)

The Impact of Legal Access on Conditions of Housing Security in Urban India
Liza Weinstein (Sociology & Anthropology), Martha Davis (Law)

Cost-effective Thermal Envelope Retrofits in Wood-frame Residential Buildings
Peter Wiederspahn (Architecture), David Fannon (Architecture/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Sagar Kamarthi (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Gregory Kowalski (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

FY14 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Adaptive management of coastal ecosystems under climate change: A novel framework based on mathematical, computational, and network sciences
Tarik Gouhier (Marine and Environmental Science), Auroop Ganguly (Civil and Environmental Engineering)

Cyber-Physics Sensors for Affective Science Research
Srinivas Sridhar (Physics), Lisa Barrett (Psychology)

Exploring the Link between Bacterial DNA Damage Response and Biofilm Disassembly
Yunrong Chai (Biology), Veronica Godoy-Carter (Biology), Edgar Goluch (Chemical Engineering)

Investigating Trust and Nonverbal Behavior through Virtual Worlds
Magy Seif El-Nasr (Game Design/Computer and Information Science), Derek Isaacowitz (Psychology), David DeSteno (Psychology), Matthew Gray (Theater)

The phonological grammar in dyslexia: functional and neural evaluation
Iris Berent (Psychology), Chieh Li (Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology)

An insect model for understanding the genetic basis of transgenerational immunity
Wendy Smith (Biology), Rebeca Rosengaus (Marine and Environmental Science), Steve Vollmer (Marine and Environmental Science), Michail Sitkovsky (Pharmaceutical Sciences/Biology)

Mining Academic Databases for the Study of Faculty International Networks
Kathrin Zippel (Sociology/Anthropology), Rich DeJordy (Management and Organizational Development)

Using MALDI mass spectrometry imaging to map spinal cord regeneration in a regeneration-competent vertebrate model system
Gunter Zupanc (Biology), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Plasmonic  Metamaterials: A Sustainable, Bottom-up Approach
Ke Zhang (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Nanotechnology for the nervous system: Developing injectable materials for nervous system tissue engineering applications
Thomas Webster (Chemical Engineering), Jeffrey Agar (Chemistry and Chemical Biology/Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Mapping Opportunities for Coastal Urban Production of Food and Fuel: What Do We Know and Where Can We Grow?
Matthew Eckelman (Civil and Environmental Engineering), Matthias Ruth (Public Policy/Civil and Environmental Engineering), Jane Amidon (Architecture)

Nanosensors for monitoring biophysical signaling during tissue regeneration
James Monaghan (Biology), Heather Clark (Pharmaceutical Sciences)

Finding Underlying Manifolds of Large-Scale Complex Biosignal Dynamics
Raymond Fu (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Yizhou Sun (Computer and Information Science), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dana Brooks (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Graphene Photonics for Terahertz Radiation
Yongmin Liu (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering/Electrical and Computer Engineering), Swastik Kar (Physics)

Educational Analytics: Maximizing the Value of Data-Driven Insights from Students’ Performance and Activity in Online Classes
Alessandro Canossa (Game Design), Anders Drachen (Game Design), Magy Seif El-Nasr (Game Design/Computer and Information Science)

Development of an Adaptive Clinician-Friendly Virtual Rehabilitation System and its Evaluation in Post-Operative Shoulder Therapy
Dagmar Sternad (Biology/Electrical and Computer Engineering), Miriam Leeser (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Amee L. Seitz (Physical Therapy)

Brain-Computer Interface for Signaling Changes in Psychological States
Lisa Barrett (Psychology), Karen Quigley (Psychology), Deniz Erdogmus (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Dana Brooks (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Jennifer Dy (Electrical and Computer Engineering), Stephen Intille (Computer and Information Science/Health Sciences)

Towards a Development of a Protocol for Communication Planning
Alan Zaremba (Communication Studies), Fred Wiseman (Supply Chain Information Management Group)

Infectious Texts: Uncovering Reprinting Networks in 19th Century Newspapers
Ryan Cordell (English), David Smith (Computer and Information Science), Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (English)

Designing Community-Driven Technologies for Physical Activity Promotion in Families
Andrea Parker (Computer and Information Science/Health Sciences), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sciences), Jessica Hoffman (Counseling and Applied Educational Psychology)

Imaging the Dynamic Behavior of Lung
Andrew Gouldstone (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering), Charles DiMarzio (Electrical and Computer Engineering)

FY13 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

A pilot investigation into the nature and extent of Medication Adherence Support Activities (MASA) in Boston-area Pharmacies
Nathaniel Rickles (Pharm Prac), Carey Noland (Com Studies), Judith Hall (Psych), Gary Young (CBA/Health Sci)

Biometric Capture and Analysis of Emotional Response in User Centric Interaction Systems
William Russell Pensyl (Art), Magy Seif El-Nasr (Art/CIS)

Development of an Algal Mat System for PCB Remediation in Aquatic Sediments
Thomas C. Sheahan (CEE), Donald P. Cheney (E&ES)

Early Caribbean Digital Archive
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon (Eng), Nicole Aljoe (Eng), David Lazer Pol Sci/CIS), Isabel Meirelles (Art)

Engineering Oil Production from Microalgae as a Renewable & Sustainable Supply of Biofuels
Carolyn Lee-Parsons (CE/Chem), James Glick (Chem), Marina Hincapie (Chem)

Establishment of a target repurposing screening set
Michael Pollastri (Chem), Alexandros Makriyannis (Pharm Sci/Chem)

Exploiting the Potent Antimicrobial Secretions of Termites for Therapeutic Use in Controlling Human Gastrointestinal Infections
Rebeca B. Rosengaus (Bio), Veronica Godoy Carter (Bio), Erin Cram (Bio), Marina Hincapie (Chem)

Exploring an Innovative “City-metabolism” Approach for Evaluating Urban Water Sustainability
April Z. Gu (CEE), Matthew Eckelman (CEE), Lee Breckenridge (Law), Martha Davis (Law), Annalisa Onnis-Hayden(CEE)

Exploring the Use of Innovative technologies in behavioral health
Alisa Lincoln (Soc/Health Sci/IUHR), Luis Falcon (Soc), Nancy Kim (Psych), Hortensia Amaro (IUHR), Gia Barboza (AAS), Christina Lee (IUHR), Stephen Intille (CIS/Health Sci), Matthew Goodwin (Health Sci/CIS), Debra Franko (CAEP), Kathleen Bungay (Pharm Prac)

Glucose-Sensitive Nanosensor “Tattoos”
Heather Clark (Pharm Sci), Alexandros Makriyannis (Pharm Sci/Chem)

Healthcare Collaboration: How healthcare professionals collaborate to deliver patient-centered care in an information-intensive environment
Yang Lee (CBA), Felicia Lassk (CBA), Carole Kenner (Nurs)

Massively parallel single molecule DNA bioanalytics using nanopores in monolayer graphene membranes
Meni Wanunu (Phys), Swastik Kar (Phys,) Moneesh Upmanyu (MIE)

Mathematical Tools for Structural Genomics and Protein Function Prediction
Gene Cooperman (CIS), Mary Jo Ondrechen (Chem), Alexandru Suciu (Math), Jerzy Weyman (Math)

Mobile Technology for Obesity Prevention in Racially and Ethnically Diverse Young Adults
Debra Franko (CAEP), Rachel Rodgers (CAEP), Mariya Shiyko (CAEP), Stephen Intille (CIS/Health Sci)

Modulation of Structure and Flexibility in Allosteric Regulation of Kinase Function
John Engen (Chem), Lee Makowski (ECE/Chem)

Nano-Constriction Devices for Isolation and Cultivation of Environmental Microbes
Edgar D. Goluch (CE), Slava S. Epstein (Bio), Max Diem (Chem), April Gu (CEE)

Nanopore Patch Clamping Platform for Probing Ion-Sensitive Nanosensor Dynamics in Cardiomyocytes
Meni Wanunu (Phys), Heather Clark (Pharm Sci)

Neglected Tropical Diseases in Kenya: a program of Study into the causes, diagnosis and control of Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis and Echinococcosis
Richard Wamai (AAS), Michael Pollastri (Chem), Javier Gordon Ogembo (CPS)

Novel Graphene-Gel Composite for Improved Water Treatment Filters
Philip Larese-Casanova (CEE), Edgar D. Goluch (CE), Swastik Kar (Phys), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chem)

Physical & Functional Limitations for US, Puerto Rican, and African American Cancer Survivors
Ann Marie Flores (PT), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sci), Katherine Tucker (Health Sci)

Regulatory policy for adaptation and mitigation of extreme weather extremes in the climate change context
Sonia E. Rolland (Law), Auroop Ganguly (CEE)

Research Frontiers in Healthcare Mass Customization for Personalization of Diagnosis, Care and Cure
Sagar Kamarthi (MIE), Abe Zeid (MIE), Tucker Marion (CBA)

Toward an integrative mechano-chemical model of a contractile tissue
Erin Cram (Bio), Anand Asthagiri (CE)

Towards Secure Smartphones for Authorizing Financial Transactions
Kaushik Chowdhury (ECE), Engin Kirda (ECE/CIS)

Using Social Media and Social Games to get people to eat Healthy and Adopt Exercise
Magy Seif El-Nasr (Art/CIS), Mariya Shiyko (CAEP), Carmen Sceppa (Health Sci)

Visualizing Physiological Arousal in Real-Time to Enhance Communication, Self-Regulation, and Learning in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Matthew Goodwin (Health Sci/CIS), Deniz Erdogmus (ECE)

Visual impairment and rehabilitation: Personality characteristics associated with outcome success following low vision rehabilitation
C. Randall Colvin (Psych), Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi (SLPA), Rhea Eskew (Psych)

FY12 TIER 1 Grant Recipients

Probing the Intersection of Pleasure and Pain: An Electrophysiology and fMRI Analysis of the Prefrontal Cortex Circuitry
Craig Ferris (Psych), Robert Sikes (PT/SUNY Med), Barbara Waszczak (Pharm Sci)

Graphene and Carbon Nanotube Heterostructures for Advanced Photodetection and Photovoltaics
Swastik Kar (Phys), Yung J. Jung (MIE)

Assessment of Effects of Central Fatigue on Cognitive, Motor, and Sensory Function
Dagmar Sternad (Bio & ECE), Therese O’Neil-Pirozzi (Speech), Ying-Yee Kong (Speech), Deniz Erdogmus (ECE)

Self-assembly of a Biological Clock
Fred Davis (Bio), Ferdi Hellweger (CEE)

Visualizing Speech Melody to Improve Second Language Expressive Fluency in Adolescents
Rupal Patel (Speech), Isabel Meirelles (Communication Design), Sheelah Sweeny (Educ )

Fluorescent Sensors for Visualizing Dynamics in Dendritic Spines
Heather Clark (Pharm Sci)

Shortfall – A Computer Game to Teach Sustainability in Engineering and Business
Jackie Isaacs (MIE), Tom Cullinane (STE), Brian Sullivan (Art)

Exploiting Innate Mucosal Immunity for Acute, Safe and Facile Response to Biowarfare
Rebecca Carrier (CE), Jeff Ruberti (MIE), Dave Budil (Chem)

Interdisciplinary Studies to Explore the Viability of Pulmonary Surfactant as a Drug Delivery System for the Lung
Andrew Gouldstone (MIE), Rebecca Carrier (CE)

Solid-Mechanics Approach to Micro-organism Adhesion-Aggregation-Transportation
Kai-tak Wan (MIE), April Gu (CEE), Sinan Muftu (MIE)

Water Quality Improvement: Self-powered Hydrogen Production, Donor Delivery and Monitoring System for Bio-remediation
April Gu (CEE), Sanjeev Mukerjee (Chem), Akram Alshawabkeh (CEE), Edgar Goluch (CE), Kim Lewis (Bio)

Theoretical Study of the Vibration of Inclined Stays in Cable Stayed Bridges
Luca Caracoglia (CEE), Bernardo Barbiellini (Phys)

Exploiting Regenerative Capacity of Amphibian Matrix for Retinal Regeneration
Rebecca Carrier (CE), Marina Hincapi (BARN)

Forming an Interdisciplinary Team to Investigate Science of Cold Spray
Sinan Muftu (MIE), Andrew Gouldstone (MIE), Dave Kaeli (ECE)

Next Generation Capture and Release Coatings for Microfluidic Separation of Stem Cell
Shashi Murthy (CE), Sunny Zhou (Chem)

Proposal for Proof of Concept for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Industry
Anthony DeRitis (Mus), Gloria Barczak (CBA), Fleura Bardhi (CBA, Fareena Sultan (CBA), David Wesley (CBA

Molecular Mechanisms of DNA Polymerase Management
Mark Williams (Phys), Penny Beuning (Chem)

Brain Drain, Gain or Flow: Elite Education and Contemporary African Migration to the US
Mindelyn Buford (Soc & AAS), Holly Carter (Educ)

Neglected Tropical Diseases in Kenya: A Study into the Causes of, Diagnosis and Control of Schistosomiasis, Leishmaniasis and Echinococcosis
Richard Wamai (AAS), Michael Pollastri (Chem), Javier Ogembo (CPS), Allison Yoos (NUR)

Using Computer Games to Diffuse Suitable Innovations
Ann McDonald (Art), Rosanna Garcia (CBA), Mark Sivak (MIE)

Pilot Study and Grant Preparation to Test an Integrated Sexual Health and HIV Prevention Intervention in Substance Abuse Treatment Programs
Hortensia Amaro (IUHR), Carole Kenner (NUR), Gia Barboza (AAS)

Improving Risk Prediction for Sudden Cardiac Death through Multiscale Computational Modeling of Microvolt T-Wave Alternans
Dana Brooks (ECE), Alain Karma (Phys)

Consequences of Local Adaption and Genetic Diversity for Marine Community Dynamics & Ecosystem Functioning
Matthew Bracken (Bio), Steven Vollmer (Bio)

Implementing a Research Activity Discovery Tool at Northeastern University
Hillary Corbett, Joan Omoruyi, Ernesto Valencia, Patrick Yott (Libraries)

Contact Research Development:

177 Huntington Ave | Boston MA, 02115