Research Development Resources

Access central research support services and information and guides to craft successful proposals.

Central Research Support Services

Research Enterprise Services (NU-RES) >

NU-RES supports research throughout the project lifecycle, including routing and submissions, reviewing agreements, ensuring compliance with university and funder policies, and managing and closing out research projects.

Institutional Review Board Human Subjects Research Protection (IRB-HSRP) >

All university research involving human subjects must first be reviewed by the Office of Human Subjects Research Protection.

Center for Research Innovation (CRI) >

CRI pairs solution-oriented research with real-world needs for the enrichment of society through the protection, acceleration, and commercialization of Northeastern innovation.

PhD Network >

The Northeastern PhD Network is designed to build community among PhD students. The Network provides students with support and resources university wide to enhance their educational experience and career preparation.

Public Evaluation Lab (NU-PEL) >

NU-PEL is an interdisciplinary lab comprised of faculty and student teams conducting evaluation research on what is/is not successful in various community programs that leads to healthier communities and enhances the lives of those living within them.

University Decision Support >

University Decision Support provides information and analysis to external entities to enable evidence‐driven decision making and planning, including guidance for survey research and data governance.

Center for Advancing Teaching and Learning through Research (CATLR) >

CATLR provides opportunities for Northeastern educators to deepen their practice in ways that enhance student learning–through workshops, consultations, research, customized programming, assessment, and the development of new, innovative models for learning and education.

Research Compliance >

Research Compliance works with  partners across the university in identifying risks, communicating and training on compliance requirements, and advancing awareness and best practices.

Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee (NU-IACUC) >

NU-IACUC manages compliance for research involving animal models.

Research Discovery >

Learn about areas of expertise and research products recently produced by the Northeastern research community, including articles, patents, awards, books, conference proceedings and grants.

Resource Repository for Proposal Development

Access materials and information to craft successful proposals

The Research Development Resource Repository in SharePoint contains detailed descriptions of university resources, facilities and institutes. Northeastern researchers may copy and paste information from these documents into proposals as appropriate. Additionally, the Resource Repository has funding agency-specific guidelines, proposal development guides, and training materials.

Agency Guidelines

Agency Guidelines

Agency-specific guidelines and review criteria. Resources focusing on finding funding opportunities and developing proposals for NSF, NIH, DOD, and DOE are currently available.


Proposal Guides

Proposal Guides

Guidance about funding opportunities for early career researchers, center proposals, equipment grants, and training grants. {coming soon}

Shared Facilities

Shared Facilities

Detailed descriptions of core shared research faculties, including documentation of unique equipment and research capabilities.

Research Institutes

Research Institutes

Information about major research institutes across Northeastern’s global campuses to be used in research proposals.

Career and Professional Development

Career and Professional Development

  • Academic Analytics
  • Writing Center
Broader Impacts/ Outreach

Broader Impacts/ Outreach

  • Center for Advancing Teaching & Learning through Research (CATLR)
  • Center for STEM Education
  • Center for Community Engaged Teaching and Research (CETR)
Diversity Programs

Diversity Programs

    • Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion 
    • Torch Scholars
    • Research Experiences for Undergraduates 
Computing Resources

Computing Resources

  • Campus Cyberinfrastructure Facilities 
  • Networking and High-Performance Computing 
  • Research Computing 

    Additional Proposal Development Resources

    Contact Research Development:

    177 Huntington Ave | Boston MA, 02115